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October 2014

Reconnecting Primavera Database

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Recently we had an issue with our Hyper-V clusters which resulted in some of our VM server corrupted. Luckily there was a backup. If not.. somebody should start updating their CV’s… 🙂

So, one of the affected servers was our Primavera server. So we had to restore it back from backup, the whole VM, and restore back the SQL database.

After restoring the Server and Database, you’ll notice that the SQL services could not be started. So, what you should do is to install or remove your database instance from the Add/Remove Programs and reinstall/recreate the SQL instance.

When recreating the SQL instance, you can use back your previous instance to save you the trouble of going to each Primavera user to repointing the database. I’ve learned it “the hard way”. So, after you read this, it will save you time if you have so many users.

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Dell Precision M3800 Mobile Workstation

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Recently, the Company has purchased 3 units of Dell Precision M3800 for the Architect Department. I’ve had the chance to do the setup and configuration for one of it. Well, should have done two, but something very important came up, and have to assign to my colleague to finish it up.
Well, let’s get started, shall we.
The black box
It came in a nice black box. Different from other models that we’ve purchased such as the Dell Latitude E5440 or the HP ProBook 440 G1 which came with the standard brown colored box. The packaging was nice. Looks expensive. Well, it really was expensive. Close to RM10K per unit. User assigned with this unit must really, really take care of this one. If not, one month’s salary gone, just to pay for the penalty.
Just like unboxing a MacBook