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May 2015

Apple vs Samsung… the battle continues

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Hello again guys.. It’s been a while since I updated this blog. When was the last time I’ve posted? Oh, yeah… on November 2014.. Well, now it’s already mid of 2nd quarter of 2015. Hope it’s not still to late to start again…

So this time, after a long “sleep”, were going to continue with the aged old battle between Apple and Samsung. What are we going to talk about this time? Well, do read more after the jump..

If you guys still remember, I’ve did my first “personal opinion” on the battle of Apple vs Samsung on my previous post. You can read it again from this link. It’s was a battle (sort of) between Samsung Note 2 and Apple iPhone 4.

The madam already parted with her Note 2 since last January and has since upgraded to Note 4 (skipped note 3 entirely here). While for myself, am now happily using my trusty and reliable (hah..!! fanboy alert..!!) iPhone 6 Plus. Now, to start it off, let’s see what Note 4 has to offer.

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