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November 2016

What is ransomware

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If you follow what’s going on in the tech world, you might heard or come across with a new global threat in a form of a virus known as Ransomware. While it was not actually quite new, this type of virus really has a great impact to users who were affected either individual or worst, to an organization.

What is ransomware?

So, what is this ransomware anyway? Ransomware is a type of virus which, when executed, will encrypt all documents in an infected computer, be it words, excels, pdfs, and event image files. it will then defaced the infected PC’s wallpaper, normally with a black background and a message informing that the user’s documents have been encrypted, and time frame is given to the user to get back the encrypted file with a decryption key. To get this key, the user will need to pay a sum of money, like a ransom, normally in bitcoin currency. If the user failed to pay after a period of time, the ransom will doubled up and will make it more expensive to pay. 
It is quite impossible cure or clean this virus since the files were encrypted, and there is no way for you to crack the encryption. There are cases where infected user paid the ransom, but still unable to get back the file because they never get the decryption code.