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Google Chrome with Windows 10

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Is it just me? Or is Google Chrome is not suitable for Windows 10?
Or is it Microsoft’s Edge (the new browser for Windows 10 that replaced Internet Explorer) cannot coexist with Chrome? That what I’ve been experiencing lately.
I usually used both Internet Explorer and Chrome while doing my work or just surfing the net with my PC. Some of our in-house applications requires Internet Explorer to run. And sometimes when printing a webpage, IE and Edge gives a correct page margin when printing. So you will not have a blank page with just a header and a footer.
Recently, my PC tends to hung, especially when I rapidly switch between opened apps. Well, just now, it happens again. I was using my Chrome while Edge is running at the background. Suddenly, it froze..!! I still can move my mouse and open a program. But I can’t see the opened window. I can only see the frozen chrome page. Can’t click anywhere. Can’t scroll. Also, can’t even click the start button..!!
While I was frustrated..? Well, I was uploading my daughter’s  homework’s website, and it was almost done when everything froze.
Managed to keep my coolness, I’ve tried a few things. Then tried hover the mouse to the opened app’s icons on the taskbar and close it. IT WORKS..!! So, I’ve closed everything except chrome since I know that the uploads hasn’t finished yet. When I closed Edge, everything goes back to normal..!!
Hmm.. I wonder…..

Perhaps my theory is right about the coexisting of Chrome and Edge in Windows 10. Seems like
Microsoft is trying to remove all its competitors and only let it’s own apps to be used in its OS. Or perhaps you need to download and use the software that is hosted in the microsoft apps store. If you noticed, you cannot set Chrome as your default browser. Even if you set it in Chrome’s setting, it will still ask you whether you want to make chrome as a default every time you launched it. Edge always finds a way to make it a default browser.
Back to the Frozen case just now, if it’s not because of conflict between Chrome and Edge, then

microsoft has to come out with a patch soon to address the “frozen” issue. It might be due to Intel’s graphics driver. So far I’ve only experienced in while using my Dell Latitude E6430s. Well monitor this “incident” again after I change my laptop to a new one.

Until then have to face this issue until at least the next windows update.
Here are some tips you can do if you happen to have the same issue as mine:
1. Try hover your mouse on the opened apps icon on the task bar. When the small preview pops up, click the X to close the applications.
2. If all applications has been close and you still can’t see what you’re looking for, try click on the start button.
3. If start button also doesn’t come up, then, right click on it. click “shut down or sign out“, then choose sign out. This will close all your applications and logs off your account. If you have opened documents and did not save it yet, then, I’m sorry…. you might lose the “hard” work.
4. Re-login when you’re down. Everything should be back to normal.
Well, that’s all for now. I’ll share with you again my experience with the new Windows 10 in my next post.

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