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How to configure Exchange Activesync in you ipad

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Back in 2012, I’ve created a tutorial to configure our company’s email for ipad. Well, here they are.

This tutorial is compatible with ipad ios version 5.1.1 up to the latest version (which at time of writing is 7.1.1). Only some cosmetic changes. But the basic info is still the same.

Step 1: Select settings

Step 2: Select Mail, Contacts, Calenders

Step 3: Add Account…

Step 4: Select Exchange. Then enter your email address and password

Step 5: If the following message appears, just select “continue”

Step 6: Now enter your server name, domain, username and password. You can check with your IT suport for this info. After that, select “continue”

Step 7: When the following window appears, click save. If it does not appear, then you might key-in some wrong info.

Step 8: This is optional. You can select how many days of your email to sync to your ipad. Default is 3 days. This means that it will download the latest 3 days of your email to be displayed in your ipad.

Step 9: As mentioned above, you can chose up to 1 month.

Step 10: When finished, you can tap on Mail to open your email.

Step 11: Select your newly created Mailbox to view your email.

Step 12: Wait a moment, and your mailbox will start to fill up.

Congratulations..!! You have successfully setup your Exchange email in your ipad.
Just in case you are curious, this tutorial also can be used on your iphone as well. 🙂

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