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How to quickly rotate your screen

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I bet you have been in a situation where your monitor screen suddenly “fall on its side” like this..

What happened to my screen..???!!

Received call from one of our user yesterday saying her screen has rotated. And she doesn’t know what to do.

Well, don’t panic.. and don’t turn your head or monitor around. Just do this quick and easy steps.
1. Press Ctrl button.
2. While holding the Ctrl button, press and hold the Alt button
3. Now, press the Arrow key on your keyboard:-
– Right Arrow: rotate 90degrees clockwise
– Left Arrow: rotate 90degrees counter-clockwise
– Down Arrow: turn your screen up-side-down
– Up Arrow: turn your screen back to normal.
Get the picture..?
So.. press Ctrl+Alt + Up Arrow Key.

Try it..!!!! 🙂

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