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How to stop iPhone message forwarding

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So last night, I’ve received a Whatsapp message from one of the HODs at my office asking me about her text message which she received on her phone was also goes to her supplementary line on another phone as well.

She thought that the phone’s service provider was sending a message to both lines, so she asked me how to stop it.

Oh, she is using iPhone by the way.

I remembered my colleague asked me the same question few years back. Well, seems like this “issue” never gets old.

Well, the solution is very simple actually. Just follow these steps below and you should be fine.

First, for to Setting -> Messages -> Text Message Forwarding

then turn off devices that you don’t want to receive the forwarded message.

For iMessage (which is between Apple devices), you’ll need to sign our of iMessage on each device you don’t want to receive the forwarded message.

That’s all you need to do.

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