Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

Can’t login to my domain….!!! It says something about “trust relationship”… help..!!!

ok.. ok… calm down..

Normally it will happen to users with Windows 7 Pro, connected to Active Directory.

here’s what you need to do..

1. Make sure you have an administrative rights.. or you know your domain admin account.. 🙂
2. If you don’t have it.. call your friendly neighborhood IT Support.. 🙂
3. If you have domain admin account, then proceed to step 4.
4. Unplug the network cable.
5. Try login again. If successfull, proceed to step 7.
6. If login fail, try login using your domain admin ID and Password.
7. Right click on Computer, select Manage
8. Click at “Local Users and Groups”, then double click on Users
9. Make sure the Administrator account is enabled, and you know the password.
10. Logoff, then login using your Local Administrator
11. Right click on Computer, then click Properties
12. Scroll down until you see “Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings”
13. Click on “Change Settings”
14. Click the “Change” button
15. Click the Workgroup button, and put any name there… or just type WORKGROUP
16. Click OK, then popup for admin credential will appear.
17. Enter your admin username and password
18. It will ask you to restart.. i suggest that you just do what it says… 🙂

19. When the login page appear, just login using your local Admin password. You already did step 7 to 10 right..? 🙂
20. Do again step 11 to 14.
21. Click on Domain.. and key in your company’s domain name.
22. Enter the domain admin’s credential and password.
23. What..? restart..? again…? Yes… please restart… 🙂

24. Login using YOUR domain ID and Password.
25. If successful, then CONGRATULATIONS..!!! You have done well..!!!

errr.. that’s all. 🙂

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