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Windows 10 Professional installation

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So.. have you finished downloading your copy of Windows 10? How many movies and popcorn did you managed to finish? He…he..he…. 🙂
If you’re reading this, it means that you probably have downloaded the ISO version of the installer, just like me. The advantage of downloading the ISO is that you can burn it into a DVD and keep it for future use, just in case you want to reinstall it some other time (within the 1 year period). If you have few more computer, you can use the DVD to install it on other computers. So, no need to wait for the download again. Save time huh..? Another option to download is to a USB drive where it will save into a bootable thumbdrive and use it to install on a computer which don’t have an optical drive. 

Like I mentioned in my previous post, it took me about 1 hour plus to download the Windows 10 installation file from the net via 32 Mbps Maxis fibre connection. Seem that I’m going to hold the top user with the highest bandwidth usage for this month. That’s what happened when you download a 3.2 GB file, one shot from the net. 
Boss, please don’t get mad at me. It’s for a good cause.. 🙂 hehehehhehee… At least my team can install and test for it’s stability, compatibility and learn the functionality of this Windows version before we implement it on other users. 
Total file size is 3.26 GB..!!
After finished downloading, it will ask you to open your DVD burner do burn the ISO image to DVD. As for me, I used Ashampoo Burning Studio. You can download the software for free if you don’t have any software burning tools. 
Load your burned DVD into the drive and run the setup. Since I’m doing the upgrade from Windows 7 Professional, I will do the installation in the Windows environment.

After you run the Setup, it will ask you whether you want to check for updates or straight installation. I choose to check for updates.

Next comes the standard software license terms. please read until the end to understands the license terms. (or just click “Accept” like most of us.. hehehhee..)
If you choose to check for updates, it will download the available updates from the net. Took me about 30 minutes for it to finish. pheww…
After it finished downloaded the updates, it will scan your systems and inform you any incompatible software/applications that you’ve installed in Windows 7. For my case, our version of McAfee VirusScan Enterprise is not compatible with Windows 10. So, before you proceed, please uninstall the incompatible software first.
Luckily for me, only one that needs to be uninstall. I’ll have to install McAfee for Windows 8 version since it’s the same platform.
Few more minutes and a cup of coffee later, installation is done. You are brought to the welcome page.
It’s good to be back aye.. 🙂 Next few screenshots below will show you some of the login page and wall paper plus few other stuffs. I used my iPhone 6 to capture the screen. Sorry for the not so good image quality since my laptop’s display is not HD. (Dell Latitude E5440 only)
After you clicked Next at the welcome screen, it brings you to settings page. Just click the “Use express settings” and Windows will do the rest for you.
Next it will inform you of what new applications that comes preloaded with Windows 10. 
Press Ctrl+alt+del to unlock 
There’s no options to “swipe to unlock” here like Windows 8. You need to press the Ctrl+Alt+Del button to bring you to the login page. It maybe because my computer is connected to a domain. Well, if you experience otherwise, do share with us.
What I can say here, that’s a nice background wallpaper there…!! If it’s animated, then it will be really.. really nice…!!! I think I’ve saw a video of the animated background wallpaper somewhere. Maybe you need a powerful graphics card for that.
Key in your password and you’re good to go..!!
It will setting up your installed apps from Windows 7 to make it ready for use. Yes, it won’t take long… 🙂
Finalizing the configuration.. after this, you’re all done.. 🙂
Finally.. all done..!! You can see all your previous (messy) desktop again. All your icons are back just like when you left it. I kinda like the wallpaper. 🙂
Well, that’s about it. I estimated the time it took me to do the Windows 10 installation from downloading ISO up to full functionality is about 3 to 4 hours. If you have previously install the Windows 10 Insider Preview, you won’t have to go thru the hassle of downloading the ISO or reformatting. Windows will download and install the updates for you from time to time, and finally, your Insider Preview version will become the full version.
Follow me on my blog for my next post as I will share with you with some experience using Windows 10 Professional 64-bit. 
Until we meet again… 

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